Урок 1


Listening One

Identifying numerals

  1. Thirteen or thirty? Listen and circle the numerals you hear.
  2. There were (thirteen/thirty) players on the sport ground.
  3. He was (seventeen/seventy) when they met.
  4. They could collect only (fifteen/fifty) pounds that day.
  5. The computer has found (fourteen/forty) mistakes in the article.
  6. Recently (nineteen/ninety) factory workers lost their jobs.
  7. He managed to read (sixteen/sixty) pages while he was waiting for me.
  8. There were (seventeen/seventy) minutes left before the take-off.
  9. About (seventeen? Seventy) per cent of the delegates have already registered.
  10. She lives at (eighteen/eighty) Lime Street.
  11. The children were asked to sit (fifteen/fifty) minutes with their eyes closed.


  1. The twentieth (20th) or the twenties (20s)? Listen and put in the numerals you hear.
  2. I was _____ in the queue.
  3. I was in my _____ when I got this job.
  4. What about the _____ passenger?
  5. He was born in the ______.
  6. The ______ person was a foreigner.
  7. This Ballet was written in the ______ of the previous century.
  8. She was the ______ at the registration counter.
  9. The ______ were hard years for most people here.
  10. This song was one of the hits in the ______.
  11. The poet died at the beginning of the ______ century.


  1. Dates and numbers. Listen and put in the missing dates and number.
  2. Flight _____ to Glasgow is delayed.
  3. It happened in ______ when they moved here.
  4. The car cost him ______ pounds.
  5. The speed limit on motorways is _______ km/h.
  6. It’s ______ kilometers from here to Moscow.
  7. His mobile phone number is ______.
  8. The meeting is in the room _____ on the fifth floor.
  9. he swam ______ metres in _______ minutes and _______ seconds.