Урок 2

Listening Two

Identifying Tense-forms


  1. The Present Perfect or the Past Simple? Listen and circle the form of the verb you hear.
  2. I (have learned/learned) a lot during this course.
  3. We (have had/had) a fantastic time here.
  4. They (have accepted/accepted) his novel for publication.
  5. She (has recognized/recognized) me at once.
  6. He (has spent/spent) a week by the seaside.
  7. We (have organized/organized) our summer holidays in advance.
  8. The washing machine (has made/made) my life much easier.
  9. Ted (has lost/lost) his car key again.
  10. They (have sold/sold) their house on the Internet.
  11. Who (has taught/taught) you music?


  1. The Past Perfect or the Past Simple?
  2. When I was the same age as this children I (had never used/never used) a computer.
  3. After she (had left/left) school she decided to become a teacher.
  4. I arrived later than I (had planned/planned).
  5. She talked about the nice things that (had happened/happened0on holyday.
  6. The boy said he (had bought/bought) crisps every day.
  7. I (had got/got) some experience from doing the job.
  8. It was a holiday tat (had changed/changed) my life.
  9. When Robert (had replied/replied) to my email I (had got/got) really excited.
  10. He was the only child who (had passed/passed) all the subjects.
  11. Sometimes I (had needed/needed) to say what (had happened/happened) to him when he left home.


  1. The Active or the Passive Form?
  2. They (prepared/were prepared) in a proper way.
  3. For a while they (separated/were separated) that summer.
  4. I (allowed/was allowed) to come late.
  5. House prices (have increased/have been increased) in the last five years.
  6. The flight (delayed/was delayed) for two hours.
  7. The construction of the building (finished/was finished) a years ago.
  8. It (often stopped/was often stopped) on my way there.
  9. The meeting (finished/was finished) very quickly.
  10. They (taught/were taught) crafts at school.
  11. He (criticized/was criticized0 very severely.